IRS Representation

There is nothing more unsettling to an individual, or a business owner, than to receive a letter from the IRS. For most, this can cause immediate panic that either you, or the company has done something wrong, and that there may be additional money owed. An audit can be a tedious and complex process that most do not have the expertise, resources, or time to properly manage. Often times an audit involves numerous requests for records, information and other materials to substantiate various items reported on the personal, or corporate income tax return. This process is often draining, distracting, and leaves the individual  or leadership team unfocused on the task of managing their finances.

For this reason it’s important to understand that “going at it alone” with the IRS is usually not the best approach. It’s often more effective to work with an accounting partner that can manage the process, address requests for documentation, carefully review IRS questions, formulate responses, and address other issues as needed. We have experience representing individuals, as well as companies in all IRS matters. We not only reduce the hassle of dealing with the IRS, but also understand how to respond to IRS inquiries in such a way that it puts you in the most optimal position possible.

Our IRS Representation Services

  • Power of Attorney (so we can act on your behalf)
  • IRS Audits (at our office, not your home or business)
  • Respond to IRS Correspondence
  • Offer in Compromise (including Forms 433-A and 433-B Preparation)
  • Tax Lien assistance
  • IRS Levy assistance
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Prior Year Tax Filings
  • Payment Plans and Installment Agreements
  • Reduction of Penalties

Contact Us

If you have recently received any correspondence from the IRS, or are concerned that you may soon be contacted by the IRS, then we encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation. With over 25 years of experience, our team of friendly professionals can guide you through this challenging process providing you with the highest level of support and comfort. Please give us a call at (919) 380-7450 or send us an email at